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The best word to describe our experience is: PERFECT. Casa Kahuna is simply amazing. Fully stocked with everything you may need, super clean and neat; everything looks exactly like in the pictures. The host was super responsive and very nice at all times.

September 2020

August 2020
Very friendly, host replied very quickly! The views are amazing, and we had a lot of fun.

May 2020
Lugar hermoso y súper cómodo

June 2020
Excelentes lugar agradable y acogedor perfecto para unas tranquilas vacaciones A++++

July 2020
Excellent property! Spacious, great rooms and baths. The kitchen has all needed. Pool area excellent. 5 ⭐️

December 2020
Excellent Property. We have a blast. Highly recommended.

January 2021
Wonderful House is a magical place for your whole family, tremendous place for your pets, you feel super safe.

February 2021
Really nice house, amazing view. Although, from the activities mentioned I never saw the crossfit room because theres was no access to it. There was lack of communication between the host and I, I even communicated that the opportunity to leave a review came today and that I didn’t wanted to post it until we resolved some issues but I got no response. It was a tragedy trying to resolve the discrepancies with 2 of the a/c of 2 different bedrooms. Some family members had to leave earlier because it wasn’t comfortable. Saturday was a really intense day because they sent a guy to try and figure out the a/c problem but it wasn’t effective and we were trying to enjoy but at the same time trying to deal with the person that was coming and texting the host and at the end there was no solution. The host even asked for a paying method to do a partial refund but I didn’t receive anything else. Also it was pretty clear that there were only 8 people staying the nights (sleeping) but during the day they were telling us that no other members were allowed either when this wasn’t part of the instructions. After all these incidents from Sunday to Monday only two people remained at the stay. After everything mentioned above I am still waiting because even though all these happened we have hope since it was a really beautiful place and there were some really good moments and some nice time.

September 2021